How Tailwind Sailed Our Boats

What technology made the biggest difference to us in 2021? Tailwind CSS – undoubtedly.

Nirav’s team built beautiful UX/UI for our plugins with Tailwind. They migrated their sites to Tailwind. Nirav was the first one on his team to get excited about Tailwind, but now his entire team is in love.

Why Tailwind? Their sites look better and load faster. Their plugins feel like solid apps and accomplish their job in fewer steps. They even found a way to make Tailwind work with any theme on the WordPress front end – this indeed was a task! Most recently, they’ve started migrating to Tailwind in React-based products as well.

In this session, Nirav will answer the most pertinent Whys and Hows as he relives the highs and lows with Tailwind!

What You’ll Learn

  • A detailed look into how Nirav’s team used Tailwind
  • How tailwind made their site more productive and elegant
  • How they overcame obstacles with Tailwind
  • How their CSS was effected
  • How this changed SEO and performance
  • What you can expect as a developer if you use Tailwind