How the Block Editor Makes It Easier to Build Custom Websites

Extending WordPress to create an individualized website can be done through builders, custom themes, and child themes — it’s the beauty of WordPress. When WordPress changed to block-focused editing, it forced us to adjust how we thought about this platform we all call home.

But it also created a huge opportunity to extend WordPress in new ways, to make it easier to put just enough control on the content side. It gives us a chance to shift the way we think about creating solutions for clients and how we create processes around building websites.

We’ll focus on embracing blocks with custom sites so we can speak about the general functional and time-saving advantages, and we’ll touch on some ways various builders incorporate native blocks as well. Because when you’re not spending time dealing with each page’s content, you get to spend more time on other fun stuff.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why use the block editor for a custom WordPress site
  • How page builders deal with blocks
  • Benefits of building a custom block
  • Tools and resources