Jelena Sobic

How to Clone or Migrate WooCommerce Shop, step-by-step

Have you ever had to clone or migrate a WooCommerce store? Do you ever plan to? If you stick around in the eCommerce space for long you will inevitably end up having to migrate or clone a webshop because of a new host or server.

This talk will give you the necessary steps to succeed and understand what to do before you get started. Be prepared ahead of time to avoid data loss and minimize downtime. We’ll go over the specifics of WooCommerce migrations and make sure you don’t lose orders, customers, users, products, categories, reviews, coupons, or any of the other things needed for the shop to function properly.

What You’ll Learn

  • A guide through migrating and cloning a website
  • The differences between website migration and cloning
  • How to migrate a website
  • WooCommerce post-migration checklist