How to Fix the Top 10 eCommerce UX Mistakes

Do you need a UX advisor – someone to walk you through how to fix common mistakes? You know there are glaring UX mistakes on your sites but you just don’t know where to begin. Well, have no fear, Bryce is here!

In this session, Bryce will provide you with expert solutions to the important user experience issues provided in Lauryn Smith’s session “Top 10 UX Mistakes in eCommerce.” Watch closely and learn how you can strategically apply custom code to provide the best UX for customers in every store you create.

What You’ll Learn

  • Small changes you can make to have a big impact
  • The MVP approach – something is better than nothing
  • A variety of ways to solve the same issue
  • What works for you – use the resources you have
  • Small UX issues that we cannot ignore