Chris Mospaw

How To Fix the Top 5 Performance Issues in WooCommerce

Ecommerce used to be a huge undertaking, but sophisticated systems have evolved to make getting your store online easier than ever.

WooCommerce integrates directly into WordPress. They both work together right out of the box. You can set up a store in a few minutes, add some products easily, and start selling right away. Over time, performance and customer experience can degrade. This talk will review five of the top performance issues with WooCommerce and guide you toward a solution, whether you already have WooCommerce working for you or are planning something.

What You’ll Learn

  • WordPress and WooCommerce integration wins and woes
  • Improvement plan for WooCommerce stores
  • Benefits and cost of the WooCommerce script Ajax Cart fragments
  • Regular maintenance items you can do to keep things running smoothly and securely on your site
  • How to avoid data bloat
  • How to control expenses through caching