How to Perform a Quality UX Audit on a Budget

Even though it’s not always easy to measure, there’s a distinct relationship between a good user experience and ideal SEO.

With over 15 years of web development experience and a more recent focus on SEO content marketing, Maddy Osman understands the important relationships between various website elements and how they contribute to the user experience. Taking what she knows about both, she shares a useful framework for user testing websites, apps, and products. This process has been used to provide useful feedback to hundreds of satisfied customers.

In this session, Maddy will be sharing a step-by-step process for designing user tests that produce useful feedback that can increase conversions. Use it to hire user testers to improve your website or to develop a paid user testing service offering for clients. Maddy Osman will take you behind the scenes of her process for offering user testing as a service, how she structures packages, and what deliverables look like.

What You’ll Learn

  • What a user test includes and covers
  • Why anyone should bother with user experience (UX) audits
  • How to pick user testers
  • How to design a user test
  • Specific questions to ask your testers
  • Methodologies and tools for running a user test
  • How to be a good user tester yourself
  • How to offer user testing as a service
  • Additional user testing resources to learn more