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How to Rescue Disgruntled Clients

In this WooSesh interview, host Brian Richards welcomes Brad Williams and Phil Wiley to discuss the art of rescuing disgruntled clients in the web development industry. Brad Williams, the founder of WebDev Studios, brings 15 years of experience to the table. He’s known for delivering exceptional work in the WordPress space and has grown his agency significantly over the years. Phil Wiley, the lead developer at Kanuka Digital, adds a unique perspective as he manages WooCommerce projects within an agency specializing in Magento builds. The discussion delves into the challenges of dealing with clients who are unhappy with their previous developers and aims to provide insights on delivering high-quality projects to clients.

You Will Learn

  • Strategies for rescuing clients who are dissatisfied with their previous web developers.
  • The importance of identifying whether client dissatisfaction is due to their own actions or the agency’s shortcomings.
  • Insights on maintaining exceptional quality in web development projects.
  • A glimpse into WebDev Studios’ success story and their experience in the WordPress space.
  • The unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing WooCommerce projects in a Magento-focused agency.
  • Brad and Phil’s perspectives on the balance between WooCommerce and general WordPress workloads in their respective businesses.

This discussion promises to be valuable for web developers, agencies, and independent contractors looking to enhance their client relationships and deliver exceptional web projects.