How to Teach WordPress

If you provide people with WordPress products or services, you should also be thinking about how to teach WordPress itself. The WordPress learning curve is large, but more and more people are willing to learn every day. Teaching WordPress in conjunction with your product or service means your clients or customers are more educated, empowered, and enthusiastic than they would be otherwise.

In this talk, Allie looks at the possible ways to teach people how to use WordPress – from blog posts to videos to ebooks. By the end, you’ll walk away knowing how to build your own WordPress educational resources or how to improve the ones you already have.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to make it approachable and useful
  • How we want clients to feel
  • Teaching tips
  • Best ways to systemize the basics of WordPress
  • How to customize to your client’s needs
  • Tools and resources
  • How to create upsells as you teach WordPress