How to turn yourself into a content-generating machine

Writer’s block, lack of ideas, fear of the outcome, not ready, need to do more research, not qualified, not good enough – These are common reasons we all stall on creating content, but Chris is here to tell you that your excuses are not valid. Not all content has to be the best or go viral. You just need to create a habit of writing. Get in the habit of creating something so that one day you can perfect it and make it better.

People will say that content production is work. And it’s true. But it can be a lot of fun – especially if you don’t make it harder for yourself. We’ll look at the common mistakes people make that only make everything harder. Chris will show you some tricks he used (as he wrote daily over 3 years) and is still using today.

What You’ll Learn

  • How NOT to turn yourself into a content-generating machine
  • Examples of those who have done this well
  • How to start a habit of writing
  • How to get good feedback