Néstor Angulo de Ugarte

Incident Response: What Happens After the Worst Case Scenario

OK, you’ve got hacked and have hired a cleanup service. It is not magic, let me share with you what happens inside the black box, using a couple of examples to guide you about how this process works. You also will learn some tricks you can apply yourself!

In Cybersecurity, the term Blue Team refers to white hat hackers (security analysts) teams that are working every day to discover vulnerabilities exploited by black hat hackers (cyberterrorists), understand the underneath intentions, and fix hacked scenarios, among other tasks.

Join Nestor as he shares his expertise in this field of cybersecurity.

What You’ll Learn

  • Cyber attack scenarios
  • Hacker vs. cyberterrorists
  • Possible targets for cybercriminals
  • How a WordPress site is infected
  • Who you need to notify if you are attacked
  • Measures to take once your site is secure again