Krissie Vandenoord

Integrating 3D Visual Customizations in WooCommerce

With more businesses depending on eCommerce for sales, some traditionally in-person purchases, like custom furniture, have required re-imagination in the eCommerce space to be successful. By exploring the website project, you will learn how North UX created an integration so that customers can configure their unique item, see it in real time and explore how different configurations affect the price.

We’ll talk about the behind the scene nuts and bolts from a development perspective, like tackling performance issues when working with thousands of variant combinations for a single product. We will also address how we handled pricing and UX for various locations and user profiles such as a US Furniture Dealer or a Canadian-based end consumer who each needs to use the website in different ways.

What You’ll Learn

  • Priorities for a high-value website agency
  • How to identify and tackle problems for small business owners
  • And more!