Jetpack Essentials: 15 Minutes ’til Takeoff

Are you curious about Jetpack? How does it compare to similar services?

In this session, Jesse Friedman, the Director of Innovation at jetpack, will review his favorite Jetpack features. We’ll cover security fundamentals, performance improvements, and even tools to increase engagement. Improving site integrity leads to more visitors, and we’ll share how to keep those visitors on your site longer. All this in just 15 minutes.

He will share some comparisons of Jetpack with other popular alternatives to prove that Jetpack is faster and less taxing on your website. By the end of this talk, you will feel informed enough to draw your own conclusions about Jetpack and the features it offers to speed up your site development and management of your sites. Get ahead of your clients with the security features built into Jetpack.

What You’ll Learn

  • The progress Jetpack has made with improving speed
  • How Jetpack uses an image and static asset CDN to speed up your site
  • The advantage of lazy loading images
  • Jetpack security
  • Backups offered by Jetpack
  • Resources