Jetpack, the Hidden Link Between Agencies & Their Clients

Jetpack is primed and ready to be used by agencies. Jetpack will make your agency the hero and your customers loyal fans. Our world-class security and performance features are managed by you while showing your customers everything is safe and secure.

Our stats showcase the right amount of data to show off your marketing progress without having to teach clients how to read complex reports. Our integrations into the WordPress apps give your customers the ability to stay connected to the sites you’ve built for them, in the palm of their hands.

And, finally, our all-new activity log gives you the control and insight you’ve been craving on every one of your sites.

What You’ll Learn

  • Advantages of Jetpack for agencies and small businesses
  • Security with Jetpack Protect
  • How Jetpack improves performance
  • Demo of a WordPress site with Jetpack