Leading Diverse Teams Even When Some of Them Are Struggling With Impostor Syndrome

What does it mean to have a diverse team? It can look like a lot of things. We can think about it as a gender dynamic. We can think about it as an ethnic dynamic. We can think about it as age and even geographical regions.

Creating a safe culture for a diverse team is sometimes less about how you make it happen and more about what you don’t let happen. It’s also about what culture you create and how you help different kinds of people learn to work together.

In this session, Chris talks about the power of diverse teams. He will share mistakes, lessons learned, and tips on creating environments for smart but insecure people.

What You’ll Learn

  • Considerations when creating a team
  • The benefits of having a diverse team
  • How to view cultural differences in your team
  • How a diverse team can affect your bottom line