Lessons Learned Building a WordPress SaaS with Bryce Adams

Lessons Learned Building a WordPress SaaS

Creating something out of nothing is one of the spookiest parts of web development. Ideas can be easy to come by, but difficult to turn into tangible products. How do you know that your idea is worth the time, energy, and financial resources that you’re going to use simply to create it? And once it’s created, how does it turn a profit? Or should it be free?

Join us as we sit down with Bryce Adams, creator of Metorik, to discuss these questions and more. Bryce has spent the past seven months building a new for-profit service around a free, open-source toolset. As you might imagine, that brings about many interesting and unique challenges.

Be a part of this hour-long question and answer session where we discuss working through the doubt that comes with creating something new, what to ask yourself when getting started, and how to pick the tools that best meet your goals. Learn from his mistakes, take note of his successes, and maybe your idea will become the next innovative SaaS.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you would build a SaaS instead of a plugin
  • How to get started when it’s all brand new
  • How writing a SaaS can solve issues faced when building a sustainable product around WordPress
  • Recognizing and planning for security concerns involved with your SaaS
  • How to manage the doubt inherent to investing resources in an unproven idea
  • How to price your Saas and support the price with a solid reason
  • If you should provide a free option
  • If your SaaS would benefit from a Helper Plugin
  • How to choose the right tools or resources to build your Saas
  • How a SaaS can provide your business better protection than a plugin
  • Why you might consider using vue.js over React
  • To plan for the unexpected, particularly when building out an entirely new product/service