Local Development with Lando

In this session, we’re going to discuss the wiles of local web development. It is a workflow rife with distinct challenges and misery … but it doesn’t have to be!

Let’s frame this just a bit. You’ve probably encountered more than your fair share of difficulty if you’ve done any amount of local development. For instance, perhaps you’ve deployed code to production only to discover that a key feature was broken, for no explicable reason. Or maybe you’ve shared a project with a colleague and then lost hours trying to get it to work in their local environment. Or maybe you’ve found yourself with a broken local environment for days (weeks?) and just didn’t have time to fix it.

Building powerful, production-ready websites doesn’t need to be this difficult!

Lando is a really powerful yet simple-to-use development tool. It pairs with Docker, as well as several other development tools, to make local setup and collaboration a snap.

This presentation focuses on why a tool like Lando is needed, some alternatives to Lando, and ways to immediately improve your workflow by taking advantage of Lando’s features.

What You’ll Learn

  • Who needs Lando
  • Why not [alternative tool] instead?
  • How to add Lando to your workflow
  • Some example workflows taken from real life projects
  • Important gotchas and curiosities with Lando
  • Networking your separate apps together
  • How to easily add custom CLI commands and build tools to your projects
  • Adding advanced services like elasticsearch or redis