Local Development with Lando

In this session Doug Cone will show you how the entire development team at Crowd Favorite has streamlined their workflow using an incredible little tool named Lando. Come and learn from their experience and hear how Lando and Docker made their development life better. Then, learn how you can solve your own local and collaborative development issues without adding a bunch of extra work or steps to your plate.

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Each of our sessions are digitally broadcast live and feature world-class speakers. Each presentation typically has 30-40 minutes set aside for instruction followed by another 15 minutes or so for Questions & Answers at the end.

About This Session

In this session we’re going to discuss the wiles of local web development. It is a workflow rife with distinct challenges and misery … but it doesn’t have to be!

Let’s frame this just a bit. You’ve probably encountered more than your fair share of difficulty if you’ve done any amount of local development. For instance, perhaps you’ve deployed code to production only to discover that a key feature was broken, for no explicable reason. Or maybe you’ve shared a project with a colleague and then lost hours trying to get it to work in their local environment. Or maybe you’ve found yourself with a broken local environment for days (weeks?) and just didn’t have time to fix it.

Building powerful, production-ready websites doesn’t need to be this difficult!

Lando is a really powerful yet simple-to-use development tool. It pairs with Docker, as well as several other develpoment tools, to make local setup and collaboration a snap.

This presentation focuses on why a tool like Lando is needed, some alternatives to Lando, and ways to immediately improve your workflow by taking advantage of Lando’s features.

What you’ll learn in this session

  • Who needs Lando
  • Why not [alternative tool] instead?
  • How to add Lando to your workflow
  • Some example workflows taken from real life projects
  • Important gotchas and curiosities with Lando
  • Networking your separate apps together
  • How to easily add custom CLI commands and build tools to your projects
  • Adding advanced services like elasticsearch or redis
  • and more!

About Doug Cone

Doug has been building for the web since 1997. He’s contributed code for WordPress core, and built dozens of custom WordPress plugins and themes for various customer implementations. Today Doug works for Crowd Favorite building best in class enterprise solutions for companies large and small.

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