Making the Most of GitHub Actions

Are you new to GitHub? Do you wish you knew how to navigate GitHub better? If so, then this talk is for you. Helen gives us many insights on how to put GitHub to work for us to help improve the way we interact with this great tool.

With so many WordPress developers using GitHub these days, whether that’s for public plugins and themes or private work, let’s take a look at GitHub Actions, a newer feature to help with automation for repetitive tasks like testing and deployment.

We’ll cover WordPress-specific Actions, tying together multiple Actions into a workflow, and some ideas for how to keep improving our development processes.

What You’ll Learn

  • Best practices in Git
  • Why GitHub is the tool to use
  • How to automate your workflow with GitHub Actions
  • Linting within WordPress
  • Automated testing options
  • WP acceptance and WP snapshots
  • Documentation in GitHub