Daniel Espinoza

Monitoring Your WooCommerce Store to Avert Disaster!

Modern eCommerce sites are complex and rely on 3rd party services to work. Payment gateways, shipping quote providers, tax calculators, deferred payment services – the list of parties involved in the checkout process of your store can be large!

Problems on your WooCommerce site can pop up without you knowing. Payment gateways can go down causing checkouts to stop working. Tax calculation APIS can time out. Pages on the website can stop displaying for a myriad of reasons. A malicious actor can get access to your site and make changes. A team member can update a setting or deploy code that causes the site to stop working.

Just one of these problems can reduce conversion rates, cause lost sales, and impact revenue!

In this talk, we will discuss the possible pitfalls that exist and share strategies for how to prepare for and detect these issues to avert disaster.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to accomplish the goal to process the most orders in the least amount of time
  • How to streamline sales
  • How to be proactive with customer needs
  • Five types of automated monitoring
  • Overview of services that will help you monitor your WooCommerce store