Nail Your Client Onboarding Process

Jennifer Bourn is excited help you improve the client experience. In this workshop, she focuses on the content and client communication aspects of onboarding. Jennifer has been using these exact systems in her business since early 2011, and they have become an integral part of her program, the Profitable Project Plan.

Onboarding is often misunderstood and confused with other concepts like positioning, lead generation, and customer acquisition. In this case, onboarding begins right after the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. The purpose is educate, equip, empower, and remind clients of important information. It sets the tone for the client experience, eliminates conflicts, and ensures consistency in the service provided. Done well, onboarding will help you reduce client revisions, reinforce the value of hiring you, improve client care, and reduce distractions and interruptions.

The workshop is divided into two parts: training and application. First you’ll learn how onboarding has significantly streamlined and amplified Jennifer’s business by reducing administrative tasks, increasing profitability, and granting greater flexibility. Then we’ll discuss the project kickoff call, outline an automated email sequence, and provide email templates for customization. Yes, you get the actual templates Jennifer uses herself to customize for your own onboarding process!

What You’ll Learn

  • Discover how to scale yourself, save time, and increase profits by adding an onboarding system to your business.
  • Review a successful new client onboarding process.
  • Uncover the secret to blowing your clients away with value before you even start the work you were hired for and turning them into lucrative referral sources
  • Learn how to set crystal clear expectations and boundaries with clients.
  • Customize templates for your brand voice

Actionable sections from the workshop

  • Content and Client Communication
  • Project Kickoff Call
  • The Automated Onboarding Process
  • Email 1 – Set Clear Expectations
  • Email 2 – Step-by-step Process Outline
  • Email 3 – Parts of a Money-making Website
  • Email 4 – Anatomy of a Website
  • Email 5 – Setting Goals and Priorities
  • Email 6 – Should Your Website include a sidebar?
  • Email 7 – Discovery Questionnaire
  • Email 8 – Clients Bonuses
  • Email 9 – Scheduling the Design Strategy Call
  • Manual Emails