Next Generation WordPress

Did you know that 74% of people surveyed in the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey said they dreaded working with WordPress? How can we as a community change this statistic?

WordPress needs to continue moving forward. We have a lot of competitors in the market. We have a stated goal of hitting 51% of the web and to continue making forward strides, we need to rethink how we work. The best way to start thinking about this is to start thinking about what will our next generation of WordPress be.

In this session, we will hear from Ryan McHugh. He is the founder of the WordPress REST API and the tech lead on the project. He will share how WordPress got to where it is today and how we can continue to improve the WordPress experience for developers and users.

What You’ll Learn

  • History of WordPress
  • The current reality of WordPress
  • How WordPress has transitioned to a platform and how developers should move forward
  • How we can move from a CMS generation to the next platform generation