Performant JAMstack for everyone

More than a decade ago Ahmad learned PHP because of WordPress. Junior developers today, are learning React because of JAMstack. BuiltWith reports over 323,994 sites built with JAMstack.

Ahmad is going to show you why you should care about the JAMstack trend and how it’s going to be more relevant than ever. We’ll study the impact of a great open-source project, i.e., Next.js, on the React ecosystem.

By the end, you’ll walk away a little bit more scared of building a custom React site and a lot more prepared for building on top of the JAMstack.

What You’ll Learn

  • Cloudinary overview
  • JavaScript overview
  • API overview
  • Markup overview
  • Considerations for developing the frontend
    • Gatsby.js
    • Next.js
  • Considerations for developing the backend
    • Node.js
    • Zeit Now
  • Considerations for documentation
    • Vuepress