Progress Through Practice with Josepha Haden

Progress Through Practice

Finding the time to learn might seem impossible, but growing your skills is paramount in the world of web development. When you continue to add skills, you grow the number of services and capabilities you’re able to sell to clients, customers, and employers. If you cease to grow, however, your offering will slowly stagnate and you will be soon left behind.

No one wants to be left behind, but no one has unlimited resources. So how do we add something new to an already hectic life?

One way can be to change the way we learn. While we often focus on lack of time as a major block, sometimes we’re losing time by trying to learn the wrong way. As unique individuals, we each have a style that suits us best. Finding the one that works for you can not only lead to learning more quickly but also enjoying the time spent more.

Along with helping you identify which learning style fits you best, this session will give you the opportunity to establish practices that will help you correct yourself, stay on track, and get the most out of the time you’re investing. We’ll look at ways to find practice time within your current schedule and, just as important, ways to make your new routine stick. Sometimes it’s not as much about gaining a new resource as it is using the resources you have more effectively.

Once we’ve tackled all of that, we’ll move on to look at some skills that particularly apply to web development and the WordPress ecosystem. Each environment has it’s own specific needs. We’ll take a look at what these are and some places where they can be practiced.

Watch this session and begin growing and improving your skillset right away!

What You’ll Learn

  • The benefits of learning new skills
  • How to identify your best learning style
  • Ways to correct and self-correct
  • Strategies for building practice time into your current schedule
  • Skills that are essential in the WordPress ecosystem and where you can practice those
  • How to produce demonstrable and measurable growth with practice
  • What to practice and how often
  • Tips for learning things more quickly and enjoyably