, Structured Data, & Everything SEO

We all know we need our sites to rank high on Google’s search results, but how do we do that? Is it complicated? How much time and energy do I need to invest in, structured data, and SEO? Join Jono in this session as he shares his wealth of knowledge on the topic. / structured data is an (important) thing, that anybody running a site – particularly if it’s an eCommerce store – should be aware of. SEO strategies need to actively consider and manage their schema, to take advantage of today’s tactical opportunities and shiny toys. There’s a ton of stuff that people aren’t doing in eCommerce, which they should be. There’s a ton of new stuff coming ‘tomorrow’, which early adopters should be preparing for.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of
  • How Google views
  • What the SEO industry is looking for
  • The benefits of structured data
  • How to change your thinking when it comes to your SEO strategy
  • How detailed do you need to be to rank in most search engines
  • Other search engines to look out for (Google is not the only one)