How to Sell Ongoing Service with Sara Dunn

How to Sell Ongoing Service

Pay close attention to this one because Sara Dunn is going to show you how her business converted free support requests into paid work. Not only that, she is going to give you advice on how you can pitch and sell your client on the benefits of ongoing, monthly retainers.

After watching this session you should have a strong foundation to create predictable and scalable revenue streams for your business. This is a win for you because predictability leads to better sustainability, and it’s a win for your clients because it turns challenging unknowns into comforted certainties (i.e. turning “Help! Something is broken, can you fix it?” into “Thank you for always taking care of us!”).

If you’re tired of saying “yes” and scrambling for more time to help your clients for free, this is a must-watch session for you.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create recurring, dependable revenue for your web agency or freelance business
  • Ways to turn your free support and code fixes into ongoing, paid retainers
  • Proven tips for selling the benefits of ongoing service to your clients
  • Exactly what Sara includes in ongoing service packages
  • How to make ongoing service a mandatory part of every project