Sales Tax Planning for Holiday 2021: Five Steps to Stay Compliant

Taxes can be overwhelming, but Matt and the Avalara team are here to help. Matt has compiled all the tax info you need to know to get started with your online shop. Online sales have skyrocketed over the last few years which could be great for your online shop, but it also comes with a price. Figuring out sales tax and tax compliance laws can be daunting. Pull up a chair and get ready to take notes.

This session will look at how merchants are applying the lessons learned in 2020 to prepare for the 2021 holiday season. We’ll look at strategies retailers are implementing ahead of the season, including everything from essential shopping cart services to omnichannel shifts as shoppers return to stores.

What You’ll Learn

  • Recent shifts in consumer shopping habits
  • How to navigate nexus
  • Why you should add sales tax to your holiday prep
  • 5 steps to managing sales tax compliance