The Balancing Act of Caching in WordPress

Utilizing caching mechanisms in a WordPress product is a balancing act: what remote calls are cacheable, what queries are slow and only occasionally needed, and how will it all impact the end user?

In some cases, we can set up our environment for a base level of performance, and in others, we’ll need to balance data storage (like autoloaded options) and other background processes so they consider the overall environment.

In this session, Maura includes her own experiences as a web developer working on a large-scale WordPress multisite as well as sharing the perspective from a hosting company’s point of view.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of caching
  • Challenges that come along with caching a site
    • Logged-in users
    • Frequently changing content
  • How to leverage Ajax
  • What we can cache
  • WordPress caching APIs
  • Transients API
  • Browser cache API resources