Allie Brock

The Journey to Enterprise Headless WooCommerce

WooCommerce is on a rapid growth trajectory – with now a 24% share of the eCommerce platform market, it’s powering the success of global brands such as leading electro components manufacturer; RS Components and many more.

WooCommerce has come of age – it’s growing in appeal as a flexible and extendable platform that offers a level of sophistication and maturity to the enterprise. Its open-source nature delivers a unique offering through development to many of the leading B2B and B2C brands, and with our first headless development of an enterprise WooCommerce platform launching in the market later this year, we couldn’t resist sharing ahead of its launch, warts and all, the journey we have been on.

During this session, we will lay ourselves bare, and attendees will gain a no-holds-barred account of the challenges, successes, and lessons learned along the way.

Join us on the journey as we prepare to launch in the market our first instance of Headless WooCommerce.

What You’ll Learn

  • First steps in the journey to enterprise headless WooCommerce
  • Tech choices
    • Faust.js
    • GraphQL
  • The team needed to build
  • Processes used
  • What the team learned along the way