Tools for Developing High Performing Sites

For this session, we are going to delve deep into code performance. We’ll look at the tools you should use (Xdebug, JSPerf, curl-loader, etc), and why/when they’re beneficial. We’ll touch on tools, systems, and strategies for sanely taking your fine-tooled code into production.

Join Aaron Jorbin and learn how to dramatically improve your development prowess. This WordPress expert will teach you how to network performance, as well as, how to improve your development workflow. He will demonstrate how costly it can be to have a poor or non-performant website along with the tools he uses to diagnose and resolve the cause of performance issues.

Topics Covered:

  • Several development tools, and why you would use each of them:
    • Xdebug’s Profiler and a front-end viewer for its output
    • Curl-loader
    • Chrome dev tools
    • JSPerf
    • WP-CLI
  • And more!