Top 10 UX Mistakes in eCommerce

Baymard Institute will spend 40 minutes describing user behavior from their 42,000+ hours of independent eCommerce usability testing, breaking down the biggest eCommerce user experience (UX) mistakes.

In this session, you will learn from a Senior UX Researcher. Lauryn will share about usability issues and corresponding best practices that will enable you to optimize the user’s experience on your mobile site from the entry point through checkout.

Walk away with a better knowledge of your user’s experience as they navigate your home page, explore product information and go through check-out.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to explore your site from a users viewpoint
  • ¬†Distractions we need to consider when using a mobile phone
  • Changes you should implement when designing for mobile
  • Best practices for navigation and filtering design
  • Consideration when adding images