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Transforming the Mattress Business in Latin America

Join us on an enlightening journey with Calm, where we delve into a revolutionizing approach to mattress and bedding shopping. In this engaging session, Guido will unveil how his team transformed the industry and created a user-centered, hassle-free buying experience for their customers. You’ll discover the unique blend of strategy and technology that has powered Calm’s success, from changing the way you select your dream mattress to optimizing the path to purchase.

You Will Learn

  • How Calm has reimagined the mattress and bedding market, making it more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly
  • Challenges of traditional retail and the pitfalls of traditional mattress shopping, from confusing pricing to inconvenient deliveries
  • Why Calm chose WooCommerce as the foundation for their online store and the benefits of its highly customizable and cost-effective nature
  • Customized payment solutions tailored to suit customers’ preferences and Calm’s unique anti-fraud solution
  • Calm’s tech ecosystem transformation towards composable commerce, including the transition to a headless environment and the use of microservices for greater control and performance

Discover how Calm has disrupted the sleep industry and gain valuable insights that may inspire your own innovative approaches. Join us in this compelling exploration of modern e-commerce and business strategy.