Unlocking WooCommerce: Composable Solutions for Scalability and Performance

WooCommerce is fantastic for online retailers. The statistics show it is the top solution for eCommerce, but are there ways for it to grow along with your brand? When your business outgrows that solution, are you forced to change platforms? The answer may be different than what you have guessed.

We will discuss ways in which we are tackling the most common issues tech and marketing teams face when it comes to scaling, growing, and sustaining an online eCommerce platform with WooCommerce.

Don’t replatform just yet! We have the keys to help you unlock the secret potential of WooCommerce!

Technology is always changing. Since the pandemic, eCommerce has exploded as people flipped from in-person shopping to online and the technology direction that seems to be growing the fastest is integrations: the idea of taking different services that do their jobs extremely well and marrying them together using APIs to create a whole – this composable solutions approach is one we see over and over again. It’s an approach that anyone can use and this talk will show how Crowd Favorite and Bold are exploring this approach together.

What You’ll Learn

  • Specific tactics you can implement to optimize WooCommerce for your business
  • Case studies around growth, performance, security, integrations, personalization, and more!
  • How you can unlock the potential of WooCommerce