Using Easy Digital Downloads

In this session, Mika will share her knowledge and experience with Easy Digital Downloads. She stumbled into using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) while trying to solve a problem on her own site and fell in love with the plugin.

The EDD plugin helps you easily run an eCommerce store with digital content. It’s an easy way to handle digital downloads from your WordPress site. As Mika says, “it’s easy, digital, and downloadable.” She has a unique way of leading you through this content without making it feel intimidating or daunting.

So, grab a cup of coffee and join Mika as she teaches you how to use EDD in an easy-to-understand walk-through.

What You’ll Learn

  • Easy Digital Downloads features
  • Available extensions to help enhance your digital store
  • What sites are best for EDD
  • Using EDD to sell your products securely online
  • How to manage users in your eCommerce store