Visual Perception & Memory: How to Win on the Web

We all know that 3 seconds is all it takes to lose the attention of visitors to our web pages. But there’s hope yet! We can all win on the web by leveraging the human brain’s strengths and limitations. An understanding of how the human brain processes visual information can greatly help us win our visitors over and keep them where we want them, instead of losing them to cyberspace.

In this session, Piccia will help us see how observant we are and how to apply this knowledge to how people interact on the web. As a designer, she is striving to understand how the field of optics, behavior, and psychology work together to make the web a better place for everyone.

What You’ll Learn

  • Basic perception mechanisms
  • How memory and attention work together
  • Types of visual perception processes
  • Takeaways for better design
  • The one rule you will need