Website Maintenance and Support

WordPress maintenance and support—sounds easy, right? It could be if you only have a small handful of clients with minimal requirements. But what if you want to grow your business to have 20, 50, or even more clients, each with a variety of service needs and some quite possibly with regulatory or service level agreement demands?

Still thinking about starting your own WordPress maintenance and support business? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

This session will give you first-hand insight into some of the strategies used for creating your identity within this competitive marketplace, and how you can set a foundation for outstanding customer service and stand out from the rest of the competition. Because the road to success won’t be an easy journey, we’ll also go over the many challenges you will face when building a larger client base, increasing services, and adding additional staff as a result.

In the end, if you feel that starting your own WordPress maintenance and support business is not right for you, we’ll discuss how relying on a trusted WordPress maintenance and support provider like Maintainn might be a better option for long-term success.

What You’ll Learn

  • Defining website maintenance and support
  • Considerations when providing support to clients
    • Various types of support requests
    • Systems for handling support requests
    • Services to help automate aspects of support
  • Defining the services you plan to offer
    • Set maintenance plans and support tiers
    • Add-ons like hosting and development support
    • Partnership and affiliate programs
  • Understanding various challenges that could arise
    • Providing scalable services
    • Failed services and importance of redundancy
    • Regulatory compliance with GDPR, accessibility and more
  • Alternatives to providing support directly