What Community Events Taught Me About Business

In this session, Patricia will share what she learned about the human values of acceptance and inclusion in the WordPress community after several years of organizing WordPress meetups and WordCamps, as well as participating as a speaker, volunteer, or sponsor.

She learned to work with people very different from her, new ways to work in a team, and important takeaways for inclusion every day.

You will learn from her own experiences and how those experiences helped improve her business and personal life, both inside and outside the WordPress ecosystem. If you are in a WordPress-related business – whether that’s in an agency, plugin development, hosting, you name it – this will be beneficial to you.

This will help you build trust and rapport, meet future clients and business partners, and see how your peers do work and share ideas. Best of all, all of this occurs in a non-competitive and very friendly environment. By the time we’re finished, you will be inspired to join a nearby WordPress meetup group (or create one if it doesn’t exist) and enjoy the inspiring interactions.