What’s All The Fuss About DXPs, and Why Should I Care?

There are a lot of people throwing around a lot of marketing words about “digital experience platforms” (DXP). What’s the bottom line? What does all the marketing fluff have to do with WordPress and how we think about building and delivering WordPress services and products?

SMB Clients are not asking for DXPs, yet increasing numbers want to integrate their online marketing tools. How does the Enterprise trend of moving away from Content Management, and towards Digital Experience, help you with SMB clients today? Let’s get together and walk through it.

What You’ll Learn

  • Digital experience platform explained in plain English
  • A look at today’s enterprise experience
  • What the DXP market looks like
  • How fast the DXP market is changing
  • Assumptions about Major DXP Features
  • Why we should care about DXP