Why Progressive Web App for WordPress?

This session talks about how we can combine the capabilities of native apps and the reach of the web, to get the best of both worlds, using Progressive Web Apps (PWS) with WordPress. You will learn about Imran’s experiences in building a Progressive Web App with WordPress, that earns a place on the user’s home screen, works offline, and bring the user back with push notification.

The web application model has completely revolutionized software distribution. In this talk, we will review how usage trends on the mobile web vs. mobile apps, why users spend more time on native apps, and what progressive web apps are. Imran will walk us through how to build a PWA and its benefits.

What You’ll Learn

  • Comparison of native apps vs. progressive web apps
  • Steps to build a PWA
  • All about Service Workers
  • How to register a Service worker
  • WordPress mobile pack
  • PWA for WP & AMP
  • Progressive WordPress