WordPress Acceptance Testing: SOLVED

Automated testing is an important part of every web application. When building WordPress plugins, themes, and websites, there are a plethora of different frameworks for unit testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing. While many of these frameworks are useful, most of them are hard to use, ineffective at stopping regressions, not scalable to a team of developers, or not easily integrated with CI pipelines.

WP Acceptance is a toolkit that empowers developers and CI pipelines to test codebases using version-controlled acceptance tests and sharable environments. This talk will explain the motivation behind WP Acceptance, how to use it, and why it’s the most effective way to test your WordPress applications.

What You’ll Learn

  • The need for automated testing
  • Types of automated testing
  • Tools
  • Overview of acceptance testing
  • Codeception
  • WPacceptance.json