A Complete Publishing & Promotion Checklist

Do you ever feel like you’re missing something important when you press “publish” on a new blog post? Most good content writers know that there’s so much more to it than just the copy, itself — especially if you work with multiple different clients (and different style guides).

Create a process around your publishing efforts that includes considerations for formatting, editing, on-page SEO, and ideas for promoting your shiny new piece of content. Speaker and SEO Content Strategist Maddy Osman (The Blogsmith) works with WordPress brands like Automattic, Kinsta, and WPMU DEV.

What You’ll Learn

  • Easy on-page SEO best practices to keep in mind when formatting content on WordPress
  • What you must do before hitting “publish” on a new blog post
  • Various considerations for where to promote your content, including several ideas you may not have considered before
  • How to incorporate a blog post publishing/promotional checklist into your editorial calendar