WP_Query & You

WP_Query is the backbone of WordPress. It is front and center of everything that happens on any typical WordPress site. In fact, WP_Query is a deceptively simple tool that packs a very powerful punch. And, in this session, you’ll learn how to master it.

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Each of our sessions are digitally broadcast live and feature world-class speakers. Each presentation typically has 30-40 minutes set aside for instruction followed by another 15 minutes or so for Questions & Answers at the end.

About This Session

If you’re building WordPress themes or plugins, WP_Query is certainly something you’ve needed to use whether you realize it or not. In addition to providing a very clean and simple means for generating complex MySQL queries, WP_Query also does a number of different things behind the scenes that help us access our data effortlessly and efficiently. However, these same features that make WP_Query easy and powerful can also cause us much grief without us ever realizing it.

Whether you’re just getting started with WordPress development or you’ve been writing queries pretty steadily for several years now, there’s bound to be a nugget (or several) of information in this presentation that will surprise and even help you.

What you’ll learn in this session

  • Common (mis)uses for WP_Query, get_posts(), and query_posts()
  • The many, many query parameters that are available to us
  • Some of the more advanced ways we can query based on date, meta, or taxonomy data
  • What actually happens each time WP_Query is called
  • An abbreviated look at the many steps WP takes in serving a given page request
  • The many ways a query can be modified and refined via several different hooks
  • Finally, we’ll discuss the risky pitfalls and practical performance wins WP_Query provides

About Brian Richards

Brian Richards, the creator of WPSessions, has been developing with WordPress since 2007 and training and leading development teams since 2011. In addition to investing his time into training, Brian has had the opportunity to work with many amazing WordPress agencies and experts over these last several years. This has allowed him to help develop sites for Microsoft, Disney, TIME, YMCA, and numerous others.

Brian has an affinity for self-directed learning and helping others to develop skills and workflows to better solve important and complicated problems. He can’t resist helping good people do great things!

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