Building Mobile Apps with WordPress

In this session, Scott Bolinger of will teach us how we can create our own mobile apps using WordPress. Scott has been doing this himself for quite some time now and I do not believe there is a better person on the planet to speak on this process.

We’ll learn how to use the budding WP-API to make it easy to get data in and out of our WordPress site, how to build a lean front-end using AngularJS, and how to compile the whole site into a mobile application package that is ready to distribute via the various app stores.

You can learn from this session having never used the WP REST API or any of the other technologies we’ll be discussing. No matter what, by the time the session is over you should have enough working knowledge to build a working mobile application using WordPress.

Topics Covered

  • Install and configure the WP-API on your WordPress site
  • Setup a starter mobile app project with Ionic Framework
  • Connect the app to WordPress using WP-API, AngularJS
  • Build custom app pages
  • Add custom data to the WP-API through a WordPress plugin
  • Compile the app with Phonegap Build, to test on a device or deploy to app stores
  • Other solutions for building apps with WordPress, such as Reactor

All code used during this session will be available to review and download via GitHub.