Introducing WordPress Multitenancy

Did you know that running multiple instances of WordPress on a single server doesn’t require multiple instances of the codebase? In fact, as of WordPress 3.9, you don’t even need multiple instances of a plugin or a theme!

Multitenancy can eliminate massive maintenance overhead in the right situations—think server-wide, near-instant updates that let you stay secure without keeping up with multiple sites. And that’s just the beginning of how it can help.

In this session, Cliff will show you how multitenancy can save time and energy while empowering your users. It’s simple but powerful.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Multitenancy
  • How to run multiple sites off one core codebase
  • How to activate themes & plugins on multiple sites with only one instance on your server
  • Multitenancy vs. multisite
  • Updating everything at once with Git
  • And more!