Your Site vs The World

Tired of comment spam? How about contact form spam? How about the visitors you’re getting who are actively trying to damage, deface, or overrun your site? Jason has tools to fight spam and malicious visitors. Learn how to prevent and protect against all of this and more.

Jason Cosper takes spam and malicious visitors very seriously and wants to warn you of the dangers out there. Playing with WordPress is how he makes his living breaking things so he can better analyze and neutralize security threats. Jason takes a talk about spam and makes it fun, so pull up a chair and learn something new today.

What You’ll Learn

  • The many ways and reasons an attacker may attack your site.
  • What does, and does not work to improve your site’s security
  • How you can prevent malicious visitors from even accessing your site
  • How to recover after an attack
  • And more!