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Brad Capeau-Laurion

As a partner and Chief Executive Officer at Alley, Brad Campeau-Laurion drives business development, marketing, and strategy for Alley.

Brad led Alley’s rebuild of the New York Post’s sites in 2013, one of the largest launches in WordPress history, and still provides ongoing technology and product advisement for their team. Brad also led the relaunch of,, and for Digital First Media as well as and for Time Inc.

Prior to Alley, Brad held CTO positions at multiple media organizations, including Minyanville Media, Inc. and Louise Blouin Media. At Louise Blouin, he led its international expansion and launched its first sites in China and France as well as managed the software development, design, ad operations, audience development, and internal IT departments.

Brad began his career at Forbes and headed development teams there for nine years. During that time, he oversaw the launch and redesign of over twenty sections of while serving as the primary senior technical liaison between the sales, marketing, editorial, and ad operations teams. In addition, he was responsible for creating new ways to track user behavior for content and advertising, directing new product initiatives, and spearheading business relationships with key revenue-sharing partners. He also created and designed Forbes’ first corporate website and architected the content management system and front end of, American Heritage Magazine’s first online presence.

Brad is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received B.S. degrees in both Computer Science and Electronic Media Arts and Communication. He is based in New York City.


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