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Veena Prashanth

Veena Prashanth is a Speaker, Author, Podcaster, co-founder/co-developer @ (DAP) – one of the top membership plugins for WordPress, creator of, and founder/developer of – one of the most powerful shopping cart plugins for WordPress.

Veena spoke at the Podcast Movement ( World’s largest podcaster community) event in Florida in 2019. The topic of the presentation was “Grow Your Audience with Gamification”. Her audience loved the presentation as Veena shared some very unique and easy ways of increasing audience engagement using simple gamification strategies.

Veena uses these strategies herself in her own business and it has helped her more than double her audience engagement! She strongly believes that what she has to share will be a game changer, and help any WordPress membership users stand out in this crowded marketplace and grow their business like never before!


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