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Is your growth plan working?

When I started WPSessions in 2013 I found myself struggling with three basic questions:

  1. Where do I turn to learn about web development?
  2. Which resources have been the most instrumental to my growth?
  3. What am I doing to sharpen my skills and stay ahead of the curve?

Maybe you've asked yourself these same questions and came to the same conclusion I did: doing this alone isn't working.

With tech, and the web in particular, advancing in so many different directions it is oftentimes hard to know what to learn or where to learn it. That is, at least it used to be…

WPSessions works for you.

Every month WPSessions is at work on your behalf curating the foremost experts to train you in WordPress-related topics. Our live broadcasts provide all attendees an opportunity to ask questions to the experts and fellow community members. Recordings of each event are made available for replay immediately after the live sessions have concluded.

As a VIP you can:

  • Take deep dives into different WordPress topics and learn them better than ever before.
  • Download all of the content and watch it offline – forever.
  • Help direct what topics we focus on next and who we invite to speak.
  • Sharpen your skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Let WPSessions help guide you on your journey to building better websites. Whatever it is you want to learn, whatever topic you might be struggling with, WPSessions – and the awesome community that makes WordPress great – is here to help.

We're in this together!

Don’t spend even one more day trying to go it alone. Join this helpful, supportive community and become truly empowered by WordPress!

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Learn directly from seasoned professionals.

If you want to become an amateur then you should follow an amateur. If you want to become an expert it makes sense that you would want to follow an expert. Every single one of the instructors at WPSessions is a vetted and well-known expert within the professional WordPress community. When you’re watching a video from WPSessions you can trust you’re learning from the absolute best.

Unlock your potential at your own pace.

The WPSessions library continues to grow, month after month. As a member, you can access all of it – all of the old sessions, every current session, and every new session – for as long as you’re a member.

But, just because we host live events and add new courses every month, there’s no reason you have to stick to our schedule. Think of WPSessions as a giant DVR for the greatest WordPress instruction available. Every single live session is recorded, and all of our courses can be played in any order you want. You’re in control here.

Spend time with the experts live, every month.

Our experts aren’t just disembodied voices, locked behind a video and frozen in time. Not here. Every month, our presenters participate in live training so that you have an opportunity to ask questions in real-time. Can’t make it to the live event? No problem! As a member, you can also ask your questions before or after the live broadcast and get them answered asynchronously.

You can take it with you.

Spending some time offline? Want to fill your morning commute with a little more than playful banter? As a member, you’ll be able to download every single video from our expanding library. Once you do, they’re yours to keep, forever.

Download the videos to your computer, tablet, phone, refrigerator… whatever devices you own (provided that they can play videos, that is… don’t try to watch these on your radio).

Improve the WordPress ecosystem.

As a VIP, you’re enabling real change in the WordPress community, primarily in two different ways.

First, you’re leveling up your own skill set. This means you’re producing better work, finding better clients (or employers), introducing new people into the WordPress ecosystem and better ways do doing things.

Second, you’re helping to directly fund the best educators in the WordPress space and underwriting our ability to release high-quality videos to the general public completely for free (at no cost to them, that is).

Earn more money.

WPSessions is here to help educate and equip you. We will provide the training, the tools, and the connections you need to raise your rates, increase your speed, and succeed. All you need to bring is the followthrough.

110% Money-back guarantee.

If, after a full year, you don’t feel as though WPSessions has provided enough value for what you paid, just ask for a prompt and courteous refund. But, please, don’t wait for an entire year before you actually try any of these amazing VIP benefits. This program exists for your benefit, and you owe it to yourself (and future VIPs) to mold it into the best possible experience. After you’ve put in your time, if you still don’t think it was worth it, you’ll get back all of your money, plus an extra 10% for your hassle.

Even in the extremely unlikely event that you find no value in a full year of training and education, this is still a better return than you’ll get by leaving your money in a savings account for a full year. It’s a good investment no matter what you do!

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  • Opportunities to choose the topics we cover
  • And savings and discounts on top WordPress products and services

Here’s the deal, though. This is for people who are serious about improving their skill-set, and are ready to put forth some effort to become a better developer, find better clients, and bring about real, measurable change in their lives.

The VIP program is meant for the working professional:

  • YES, I already earn money selling web development services.
  • YES, I'm looking to hone my skills and increase my value.
  • YES, I want custom training tailored to my current needs.
  • YES, I'm ready to take my career to the next level.

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Quality Teaching

“Looking for the best WordPress knowledge from people who know the most? Join WPSessions!”
– Gloria Antonelli

Simple Focus

“WPSessions has a simple focus – to educate you by bringing incredible talent together to focus on specific topics you need to know. They could charge much, much more, but their focus isn’t on money as much as it is education. Check it out now!”
– Chris Lema,

Informative & Energetic

“Not only have I gotten good information from the sessions, I am given a boost of energy and creativity. I work from home and appreciate this chance to participate and interact in a live group of equally interested WP enthusiasts.”
– Julie Anne McRae

Development Skills

"When someone asks me how to take their development skills to the next level, I recommend WPSessions."
– Shawn Hesketh,