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My Top 7 Tools for WordPress Developers in 2022
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Discover the tools I'm using in 2022 to work faster, find and eliminate bugs, & automate tedious development tasks!

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Hi! My name is Brian Richards, and I'm the founder of

I’ve been building websites since 1998 and working with WordPress since 2007. In my many years of web development I have seen and used numerous tools, services, plugins, and utilities. And, like many professionals, my toolbox and recommendations change pretty regularly.

In spite of all that, there are 7 tools that I recommend and use nearly all the time. In fact, everything on this list has been here since the moment I discovered that it existed. I won’t say this list will never change, but I will need to be seriously impressed with whatever tool takes their place.

After years of casually sharing my list via word of mouth, I decided to take some time and write what I'm using and, imperatively, why I like it for folks like yourself, who just want to quickly learn what's great and get back to work.

But I know tools aren't everything. And I realize it would be against your best interest to simply recommend a few tools and send you on your way. So I'm only offering this list of recommended tools to people who subscribe the WPSessions newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time – even immediately – but my hunch is you'll really like the emails I send.

As soon as you subscribe using the form above you'll get the complete list of tools. It's on the confirmation page, so you don't even need to wait for an email (but I'll also email it to you so you can quickly find the list again)!

I look forward to helping you grow and improve as a developer through the newsletter, and I believe you'll love my recommendations!

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— Brian Richards

Here's what you'll learn!

Save Time

  • Save time with tools that improve your workflow.
  • Eliminate extra steps and clicks!
  • Automate your migrations and database interactions.

Work Smarter

  • Find and fix bugs faster than ever!
  • Verify a bug is truly fixed for specific users with absolute certainty.
  • Deliver solutions and get to launch more quickly.

Better Workflow

  • Get into a better development groove!
  • Use these recommended tools together, or insert them into your existing workflow.
  • Setup local development environments faster than ever before.

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Discover the tools I'm using in 2022 to work faster, find & eliminate bugs, and automate tedious development chores!

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