Join us for “Design for Developers” on Sept 20

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So often we hear about how designers should learn development. Very rarely do we hear anything about how developers should learn design. And yet, so much of the decision making for user interface and interaction – decisions often made by developers – are actually in the design domain.

This month we’d like to turn the tables and bring about awareness and better decision-making when it comes to building products that will surprise and delight their users. We’d like to underscore the importance of leveraging, at the very least, a basic understanding of design and interaction principles and the profound impact that can have at every level of project development.

Your Instructors

It is my pleasure to announce that Michelle Schulp, Natalie MacLees, and Chris Ford will be leading us through a wide gamut of design fundamentals. I cannot imagine a better team who is more adequately prepared to speak on this topic.  These three women are leading authorities on the matter, and they’re here to share from their vast depths of wisdom and experience.

Topics Covered

Michelle will be kicking off this month’s session with “How to Speak Unicorn”, a fun presentation that will bring you up to speed on common design language and terminology. This is especially useful to help bridge the communication gap between designers and developers, and clients as well.

Next, Natalie will teach us about all the ways in which “Your User is NOT a Robot.” This is an extremely important reminder to all of us who are completely entrenched in problem solving. There is this tremendous expanse separating us from the real humans who actually use the tools we’re building, and it’s so difficult for us to see things with fresh eyes from their perspective. Too often we fall into solving the wrong problems, or solving the right problems in the wrong way. Natalie will help you guard against that.

Finally, Chris Ford will walk us through five principles to “Write Better Code by Design”. Through this presentation she will help you to build products that your users and other professionals will absolutely love. They’ll help you sell hundreds of copies because they themselves will delight in using and working with the product. You’ll also learn the five simple ways you can improve your theme or plug-in’s code by leveraging the same thought process designers use.

Join Us Live, Septmber 20, from 1-4pm EST

If you’re a developer or a designer looking to improve your footing, this is the session for you. Learn to solve the right problems and forge stronger relationships with your peers.

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