Join us Nov 30 for “WordPress Unit Tests”

wpsession5_thumbFor our fifth session, join Alison Barrett, John P. Bloch, and K.Adam White as they walk us through using and creating unit tests. These experts really know their stuff, and this session isn’t limited strictly to WordPress (even though the examples provided will be geared for WordPress projects).

“What is a unit test,” I hear you ask? Well, a unit test is a way for developers to validate that they code they’ve written is serving its intended purpose and producing the expected results. There are many ways to test code, and this way happens to be a very, very good one. Check out our blog for more information on the benefits of unit testing, and the role it might better play in your business.

Session Schedule

This session will be broadcast live on November 30, 2013 starting at 1pm ET.
All recordings will become available for replay at 4pm ET.

Topics Covered

  • Why is Unit Testing important?
  • Unit Testing: The Scary Parts
  • Lessons Learned from Unit Testing
  • Getting Started with PHP Unit Tests
  • How to write testable code
  • Identifying scenarios/code that are hard to test
  • Writing your first Unit Test
  • How to write a JavaScript Unit Test
  • How to run a JavaScript Unit Test
  • What does testable JavaScript look like?
  • Unit Testing for jQuery – Can it be done? If so, how?
  • And more!

A bit about your experts:

Each of our speakers brings with them several years experience working with WordPress.

Alison Barrett

Alison works for Automattic, the wonderful company behind (and many other good things). She works on the Janitorial team, a team that focuses on internal projects that help the company run better. Alison is a relative new-comer to unit testing, which makes the lessons she’s learned all the more relevant to anyone just beginning the trek into unit testing. She loves making WordPress plugins, and also learning more about the WordPress APIs, both of which are primary focuses on her blog, Aliso the Geek.
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John P. Bloch

John has been working with WordPress for more than half its current life span. John currently works for 10up as a Senior Web Engineer where he helps build powerful and user-friendly solutions for our awesome clients. He is very passionate about building stable, tested solutions and wants to share this passion for excellence with you.
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K.Adam White

K.Adam has a deep-seated love for Javascript. He has spoken at a number of WordCamps now on the topics of Javascript and themes, JS and Plugins, Backbone + WordPress. He’s also very out-spoken about working with Grunt.js and several other JavaScript-based tools. If you write JS in any capacity, K.Adam’s presentation on Unit Testing in JavaScript is one you really won’t want to miss.
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Don’t Miss Out!

When you join us live you’ll have an opportunity to ask these experts whatever questions you like. This is an incredibly valuable and rare opportunity. If you cannot make it to the live event you can of course watch the recording immediately after it is finished airing and send your questions in ahead of time.

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