Meet Scott Bolinger, WordPress Expert

Scott Bolinger Scott will be presenting Building Mobile Apps with WordPress, which you can watch LIVE on April 23 at 4pm EST (UTC+4). If you can’t make the live broadcast, the recording will be available for just $9.

During his presentation, Scott will teach us how to leverage the WP-API to create entirely custom JavaScript-based interfaces for WordPress. He’ll then take this and some other tooling to compile it into native iOS and Android apps. It’s a really smart process and the end result is just cool.

I had an opportunity to ask him a few questions this week. Check out his answers below.

Where can we find you on the internet?

Twitter: @scottbolinger

When and how did you get started with WordPress?

I started doing client work using WordPress around 2008, then started a premium theme company in 2010. I founded AppPresser in late 2013.

What resources do you turn to when you want to learn something new?

I’ve learned a lot from code academy,, and Treehouse, but mostly just trying stuff and when I get stuck Google it.

What is your favorite WordPress feature/aspect?

The new WP-API of course! [Ed. Still a stand-alone plugin, soon to be a core feature of WP]

What attracted you to mobile app development?

I’ve always been interested in mobile web, and mobile apps were the next level. I decided to make a run at it, even though I knew nothing about apps. I’ve learned a ton, my favorite part is the UI for mobile. The transitions, animations, menus, interactivity, etc. can be so beautiful and intuitive if you do it right. The mobile web just doesn’t have that.

What advice do you have for others looking to become WordPress experts?

Do it all day every day, and hang around people smarter than you, and you’ll get there slowly. WordCamps and meetups are a great place to learn.

What is one interesting non-WordPress-related fact about yourself?

I traveled the world for 6 months with my wife when we first got married, I have a music degree, and I’ve completed a marathon in under 4 hours.

Thanks Scott!

If you’d like to hear more from Scott, specifically about doing some really cool stuff with WordPress, then you’ll want to check out Building Mobile Apps with WordPress.